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Handicrafts Item in Jodhpur

01 Jun 2016 12:56:46 PM

Mayur Art is a premium handicraft Furniture products manufacturer and supplier in India from Jodhpur Rajasthan, an art repository that enables the art connoisseur’s access to the finest handicraft furniture products. Show cases handicraft items that embody the true essence of being hand-crafted and through modern machine. Each offering is a true and honest manifestation of regional art and ethnic craft.

Canvas is good design. Is non porous, resistant to wear and tear and is strong and easily molded into anything. The art on it may or not be depending on what purpose it seeks to serve, what its intent is - the toothbrush vs. the Mona Lisa. I think the toothbrush is better design. But I think a stick of Neem is even better. It isn’t wasteful. Does the same job and more and is sensitive to its surroundings. Comb vs. hands. Hands are better. Multi-tasking and a sustainable resource.

Moving forward requires companies to take some risk make use of the latest innovation to be able keep themselves relevant in the industry. Share point is able to provide their clients integrate such technologies to their respective companies. It eases the way information are stored, organized and shared making it possible to access them from almost any device. This is what several Indian Technology Companies have been using making it possible to keep them connected at any given time.

The term ‘design intervention’ has been widely adopted to describe the process of linking designers to craft enterprises. The concept is that the designer will bring a new approach, or a different way of seeing artisanal skills and expertise, and share their design capabilities and understanding of global market demands. The designer does not impose but rather ‘unlocks’ the potential of the existing skill by tweaking it to make it more saleable to consumers and in so doing may transform a craft that is struggling to find a market. Here, the designer operates at the intersection between the commercial economy and artisan, serving as the bridge between maker and market.

Technological oriented courses, such as diploma in computer engineering, certificate in mobile phone technology, diploma in electrical engineering, certificate in photography, certificate in multi-media, diploma in hardware and network engineering and Microsoft certified in system engineering, would also be provided at different Institutions around Bangalore.

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